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Welcome to Pegasus Books in New Zealand, named after the horse of classical lore who, by stamping his hoof, gave rise to the Fountain of the Muses—inspiration—literature—and BOOKSHOPS.

As our name suggests, our range of books emphasizes such subjects as Literary Fiction (Modern Classics), Poetry, Philosophy, Mythology, Classics (Greek and Roman), Spiritual Paths, Art, Music, and Architecture and Design. There are good holdings in such areas as New Zealand subjects, Sociology and Anthropology, Eastern Religions, Christianity, History, Criticism, Travel, and Maori Books. You will also find popular categories like Food and Wine, Gardening, Sports, Crafts, Women’s Issues, Gay and Lesbian, Foreign Language, Medieval, and Jewish Interest.

As a small independent bookseller we aim to stock quality books (ranging in age from antiquarian to near new) at reasonable prices. Our small staff offers personalized service, a wide knowledge of books, and several ordering options. See our Contact page for more information on ordering.

Now, enter our website, by browsing by subject or keyword search, and unfold a huge range of inspiration as Pegasus himself did when he first stamped his hoof!

Last updated 01 November 2015.